She Wolf
“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” 

― C.G. Jung 

Andrea Hrnjak’s work reminds us that wildness is a necessity — the most alive is the wildest. With a delicate use of color and whisper light hand, her genuine love for animals shows through. These drawings point out that we are all nerve-shaken, tired, status-anxious people longing for crisp, moonlit nights, craving for the ruffling sound of mountains in the morning. The girls in her images have the most alluring and spellbinding stares, they are always modestly posed, allied with the animals. City-life locks us in our own rhythm, we forget that life exists outside the dial. Wildness corrects this pressure, it is fundamental, as long as the wild exists we would feel awe, wonder and beauty.
Croatia born, Vienna based artist and illustrator Andrea Hrnjak holds a Master’s Degree in Fashion Design from the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

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Lady From The Mountain

Clothes Maiden#14

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Diamonds In The Sky
There’s A  Moon Out Tonignt

Wild and innocent,youthful and magical:Andrea Hrnjak from Vienna

Andrea Hrnjak juxtaposes beautiful and mysterious women with wild animals, so delicately executed, they evoke innocence and sensuality at the same time. Andrea weaves gentle graphite and selective choices of color in magical ways. They conjure up a sense of wanderlust buried in all of us. We’re infatuated by the soft, youthful faces as well as the impulsive, tribal imagery. There’s a sense of allure about the wild and an air of fragility that makes these images so consoling and gorgeous. Her works take us to a spellbinding, breezy wonderland — as if to remind us, it’s important to let a little bit of wildness happen!”

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Ravens are sometimes known as wolf-birds because they form social attachments with wolves.
Desert Skies
Desert Dream
Show Me The World
Opaque  by  andbamnan